5 Amazing Reasons To Try Organic Skin Care Products


For thousands of years, people looked to natural remedies to help with their health, but as companies began to develop chemical-based alternatives, it seems that trend was lost.

That may be set to change….recently, there has been a growing movement of people switching their skin care products to natural and organic alternatives.

As more and more people research and consider what they are putting on to their skin, there is a general opinion that much of what Mother Nature has to offer can provide everything you need to have healthy, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

But why are so many people beginning to clear out their previous go-to skin care products and now replacing them with organic alternatives?

Well, here’s 5 great reasons to start with:


  • They Don’t Contain Chemicals much research has been done about how certain chemicals used in skin care products can affect your long-term health. By using Organic products, you are eliminating these chemicals completely and instead, using only plant-based nutrients to give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Clearer and Healthier Skin – Mother Nature has so many ingredients, which promote health and healing. Think of eating fresh fruits and vegetables – we all know this helps maintain a healthy body from the inside, supplying your organs with the nutrients it needs to repair, replenish and fight off illness. Well, your skin is also one of your body’s organs – in fact, it’s your body’s largest organ (absorbing what you put on the surface into your bloodstream) and it needs the same love, care and attention you already give to your insides to help promote new, healthy skin growth. And you wouldn’t fill your body full of chemicals, right? So why do the same to your skin?
  • They Don’t Contain Fillers – you would not go to a restaurant and expect a big portion of your meal to be filled with cheap ingredients you didn’t ask for or have no idea why they’re on the plate, right? Well, many mainstream products contain cheap fillers (such as water/aqua, or whatever fancy name they decide to call it on the label) to help pad it out and make you think you are getting more value for money. But think about it – why would you want just a small amount of the good ingredients and the rest being made up of water? Instead of water, organic skin care products tend to use skin-loving ingredients such as Aloe Vera (naturally moisturizes and contains an abundance of anti-oxidising vitamins) or Shea Butter (improves your skin’s elasticity and helps prevent fine lines), so you know every ounce of your product is actually helping your skin. Surely you’d much prefer to invest in a product which is PACKED with skin-loving nutrients, feeding your skin what it craves and giving you the best value for your hard-earned money!
  • Ingredients Are Selected For Their Nutritional Value – like a well-balanced meal, which provides you with all the nutrition you need to remain healthy, ingredients in organic skin care products are selected because they help your skin and stop it aging prematurely. Good quality organic skin care products contain a great mixture of ingredients that support the skin’s process of rejuvenating, repairing and replenishing itself. Think of it as nutrition from the outside-in!
  • Contain Skin-Loving Extracts and Oils – in addition to leaving organic products with a pleasant, natural scent, many extracts and oils have the added benefit of being amazing for your skin. For example, Jojoba is an antioxidant and helps retain moisture in your skin; Safflower helps maintain your skin’s elasticity; Lavender helps skin cell renewal; Olive Fruit reduces the signs of fine lines; while Grape Seed helps tighten your skin.

There also are many other side-benefits to using organic skin care products including being better for the environment, or supporting amazing farmers who produce these fantastic ingredients.

It’s worth mentioning however, that it’s always worthwhile doing a little research about your organic skin care products…

And why is that?

Because the only way you can guarantee they are truly organic is by using products containing certified organic ingredients.


So Why are Certified Organic Ingredients important?

Many skin care products claim to be “natural” or “organic”, but this can be misleading to consumers – there is no regulation of the term natural and even a synthetic product can claim it is natural on the label. Basically, companies can say they have natural or organic products just by using a few ingredients which come from the ground – this does not stop them from using other unnatural ingredients to make up the rest.

The next time you are in your local pharmacy, take a look at the list of ingredients on some well known ‘natural’ brands’ and you may be surprised about what you read…

The good news is, you can guarantee the product you are using actually contains organic ingredients if it is Certified Organic by the USDA and it’s proven by having the USDA Organic label showing on the product.


What Does The USDA Organic Label Mean To You?

If you see the USDA Organic label on a product, you can be confident it is truly organic, as the USDA has a very stringent process which companies MUST pass in order to be certified organic – only then can they use this well-know symbol on their packaging to give consumers confidence.

It really is very simple – without this symbol, it may just be another ‘organic claim’ being made. If the USDA certifies a company’s product as organic, then that company will proudly display the symbol to PROVE it’s organic!

No ifs.

No buts.

No “we use some organic ingredients and therefore we call our product organic”.

And definitely no “we use the term organic in our company name and perhaps it’ll make you think we ‘re providing an organic product”.


One line of USDA Certified Organic, rejuvenating skin care is by a company called Organity.

Organity makes a moisturizer, which is Certified Organic by the USDA and Organity proudly uses the USDA Organic Label to prove this to its customers.

Being Certified Organic by the USDA means Organity can guarantee customers it uses organic ingredients (and prove it by using the USDA Organic Label).

By using USDA Certified Organic Ingredients, Organity guarantees there are no:

  • GMO ingredients
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • Petrolatum
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • And no other chemical-based ingredients

Instead, Organity moisturizer contains super hydrating and anti-aging, all natural ingredients gifted by Mother Nature, which are clinically proven to improve elasticity, while naturally reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.
If you want to avoid chemical ingredients and instead benefit from all the great things organic ingredients have to offer, then click below to see how Organity could help you with the very best rejuvenating, healing and skin-improving ingredients nature has to offer



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